Introducing Hypertrax

Experience the ultimate neck and shoulder pain relief.

The patent technology and the medical attention that has been brought together to create this device helps relieve neck pain, tension, soreness and stiffness.

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Lumbar Massager

An effective and professional lower back therapy is now available in your house.

This device is designed to alleviate lumbar pain as well as other symptoms associated with lower back and upper back.

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KneePro, kygea

KneePro Massager

Ease soreness, pain and stifness in knees in the comfort of your home.

This device uses vibration, air compression and infrared heat functions to ease soreness, pain and stiffness in knees.

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Smart Neck Massager

Take care of yourself anytime, everywhere.

A new jewel of technology concentrated in a small portable device ready to be transported wherever you want.

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Our Mission

Here at Kygea, we aim to create a healthy lifestyle that assists every individual to de-stress, relax, unwind and streamline a pain-free life.

The patent technology used and the research put into our products have achieved to deliver the best at-home recovery and care device solutions and enable them to improve the quality of life of each individual.

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